Our clients say

"This is an amazing tool that I should have bought a long time ago! Very fast and effective! Also, really easy to learn how to use it"
Jason Simard - testimonials profil picture
Jason Simard
flatbed driver
" I have ours for two years and it's the best investment that I ever made!"
Jack Adams testimonial profile picture
Jack Adams
flatbed driver
"This Strap winder tool saves me a lot of time in the lumber mill unloading site, So the forklift driver never waits for me! ... A funny twist, the driver gets off his forklift to have a look at this amazing tool!!! It saves both of us a lot of time!!! An essential tool for truckers toolbox"
Pierre Audet testimonial profile picture
Pierre Audet
flatbed driver
"This Winder RSHB is a time-saver and effortless tool"
Christian Simard's truck as a testimonial profile picture
Christian Simard
flatbed driver
It’s shoulder-friendly and it's take less time as well…. And less shoulder-hard, it’s a less repetitive action
M. Bouchard testimonial profile picture
b-train flatbed driver
" Since I have my Winder RSHB, the other truck drivers look at me strangely, they can't believe what is happening!! I'm winding all my straps while they had winding half of theirs!!!"
Stephane Morisette's truck as a testimonial profile picture
Stepahen Morissette
load covered flatbed driver