RSHB® WINDER – A tie-down strap winder tool for cordless drill




The RSHB® WINDER is the hottest and safest handheld tie-down strap winder drill attachment tool. Click here for more information

“It saves lots of time on the little stuff. Wish I would have found it sooner” Jodi Moffet, Flatbed driver

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The RSHB® is a “Universal” tool (fits on a cordless drill) fully assembled, adjusted, and individually tested industrial grade tool. This patented handheld cargo strap winder tool will do the work for you.


Let say you have an 18 winches flatbed trailer:

  • Manual hand winding it will take you 17 up to 20 minutes to wind your tie-down straps.
  • With the RSHB® winder, it takes only 8 to 9 minutes… Half the time!

Once again, let say your flatbed trailer truck work at a $100/hour rate, and you save $15 to $16 dollars (save 8 to 9 minutes x truck’s rate) at each load. As the MSRP of our winch winder tool is $199, so it is true, your RSHB® winder will be paid within 12-13 loads if you drive an 18 winches flatbed trailer truck. And less if the trailer has more winches!


The most common types of injuries in the trucking industry are strains and sprains due to manual hand winding of straps and the tarping of the load. How the RSHB® WINDER could help you prevent injuries?

Simply Let this tie-down strap winder do the job for you! The RSHB® Winder is a tool designed with your safety in mind:

  • Before doing anything, use proper security equipment required for your operation (gloves, suitable safety shoe, helmet, high visibility safety vest and safety glasses)
  • Work in front of your flatbed winches, so you always keep an eye on your straps to avoid injury
  • Work with one hand on the tool and one on your strap to get a nice, neat and tight roll every time
  • Use the drill torque selector in the “screw” mode to ensure safe use in the event of a blockage of the winches or straps.
  • insert the RSHB® pinion into the roller of the winch
  • In forward mode, press the drill’s trigger so the drive dog will take its place in one of the winch’s holes then you will be able to wind your entire strap.
  • Slow down the speed of the tool just before the chain and its hook to avoid injury.
  • Engage the reverse mode on your drill and pull the trigger to allow the drive dog to fold back onto the pinion so you can remove the RSHB® from the roller.
  • avoid shoulder (rotator cuff) injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, back strain and tendonitis due to manual hand winding.
  • Made for men and women truckers

This drill strap roller tool does the work for you and is essential for your flatbed tool box.


download by clicking here.


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The RSHB® winder is distributed worldwide by HB Distribution.

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RSHB is the trademark for tools and accessories using RSHB patent. This icnlude tools and accessories for the trucking industry and for Fire department.
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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 4.5 × 2.5 in


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