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RSHB® tie-down strap winder paid within 12 loads?


What is the RSHB® winder?

An RSHB® winder is a “universal” tool designed to wind cargo strap in the trucking industry (mostly flatbed truck). This tie-down strap winder is a handheld tool that fits on a cordless drill. The RSHB® winder is designed with truck driver safety in mind:

  • The trucker work in front of his flatbed winches, so he always keeps an eye on tie-down straps to avoid injuries
  • The flatbed truck driver work with one hand on the tool and one hand on the strap to get a nice, neat, and tight roll every time
RSHB® winder: save time and avoid injury
RSHB® winder: save time and avoid injury
The most common types of injuries in the trucking industry are strains and sprains mostly due to manual hand winding and tarping a load. Lets watch the next video to see how this essential tool work and how you flatbed truck driver can prevent injuries.
Please also read the STAY SAFE. STAY WORKING post in this blog.

Manual hand-winding vs the RSHB® winder... And the winner is....

Seriously, the RSHB® winder paid within 12 or 13 loads, maybe less?

" I have ours for two years and it's the best investment that I ever made!"

After several meetings with many flatbed drivers, it is possible to pay the RSHB® winder in 12 or 13 loads maybe less!!! Why?

Let say you have an 18 winches flatbed trailer, by manual hand winding it will take you 17 up to 20 minutes to wind your tie-down straps. With the RSHB® winder, it takes only 8 to 9 minutes… Half the time!

Once again, let say your flatbed trailer truck work at a $100/hour rate, and you save $15 to $16 dollars (save 8 to 9 minutes x truck’s rate) at each load.

As the MSRP of our winch winder tool is $199, so it is true, your RSHB® winder will be paid within 12-13 loads if you drive an 18 winches flatbed trailer truck. And less if the trailer has more winch!

On top of that, work safely, avoid shoulder injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, and save time and get a bigger rest period on your ELD.

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