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Tie-down strap winder for flatbed : big spring sale


RSHB WINDER: the only strap winder you deserve !

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An RSHB® winder is a “universal” tool designed to wind cargo strap in the trucking industry (mostly flatbed trailer truck). This tie-down strap winder is a handheld tool that fits on a cordless drill.

Love it!! So glad I bought it. It saves lots of time on the little stuff. Wish I would have found it sooner. Customer service is awesome. Communication is great! Any questions you may have they are quick to respond.
Jody Moffet
Flatbed driver

The RSHB® winder is designed with truck driver safety in mind:

The trucker work in front of his flatbed winches, so he always keeps an eye on tie-down straps to avoid injuries

The flatbed truck driver work with one hand on the tool and one hand on the strap to get a nice, neat, and tight roll every time

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